Friday, June 14, 2013

Cupcake Star Flower Topper Tutorial

Last month, if you remember, I did an all cupcake wedding.  Super fun!  I thought you all might like to learn how to make the simple star flower that you see in the top picture.  It's a really quick flower to make, not at all time consuming like roses or mums can be, and it will have a great impact on a simple cupcake if you do a punch of color!

You'll want to start off with a small ball of gumpaste or fondant.  Personally, I like fondant because it won't dry as hard and it's much more tasty than gumpaste is!  You'll also need your calyx cutter and some cornstarch so that it won't be sticky.

Roll out the bottom of the circle between your fingers so it comes to a bit of a point like a Hershey's kiss.

Next, smash the bottom part so it's nearly flat.

Use your round pencil tool to roll it even thinner, but make sure that you roll it in every direction so that it ends up round.

You'll want to be super careful on this part so you don't damage the tip, but gently slide the calyx cutter down until you hit the bottom and then cut out your flower.  You'll want to gently push it out of the cutter with a toothpick or other thin tool because it has a tendancy to get stuck.

Next, use one of your tools that is round, but has a point.  Stab the center of the flower to make an indentation.

Then you'll want to use your pencil tool to indent each individual petal  down the center.  Press from the center of the flower out to the ends of the petal.

Once you have the shape that you'd like, set them to dry upside down.  They don't have delicate petals like other flowers so they're great to make when you have a large order and need to move quickly!

Once they're all dry, you can go back with some pearl dust and add accents down the middles of the petals!  I even added a tiny pearl in the center of the flower with a dab of water from a paint brush.  Quick and easy!


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