Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pantry Organization

I finally did it!  It's only taken me three years in this house, and endless days of complaining about not being able to find anything, but I finally got the pantry organized!

First up, of course is finding the right containers. . . . but have you ever noticed how crazy expensive baskets and matchering containers can be?  However, being thrifty, I headed to the dollar store and found these great wire baskets!  Totally wrong color of course, but a quick spritz of metallic silver spray paint and now they're just right!

I've been teaching the girls how to pack their own lunches to save me time in the morning, so I labeled three baskets for them:  Sweets, Chips/Crackers, and Pudding/Fruit Cups.  This way, the girls can make their own sandwhich, and grab one item from each basket, as well as a juice box.  Saves momma big time in the morning, trust me!

I also HATE those nearly empty cereal boxes that I don't know to replace the next time I'm at the grocery store. . . .until the kids complain at the breakfast table that we're all out!  For a long time, I've been searching for the perfect containers - clear with the perfect teal colored lid.  Low and behold, I found them at IKEA!  And they were super cheap too!  The tall ones I used for cereal, the medium ones I used for my baking supplies like flour, sugar, bisquick, etc, and the little round ones, I used for my other small baking supplies like merigue powder, baking soda, and baking powder.

I wanted all the lunch supplies and cereal at the girls eye level so it would be easy for them to help themselves to breakfast and lunch.  My baking supplies aren't used daily, so I stuck them on the bottom shelf and since I had that top shelf that's not very tall and won't fit much, I organized all my bakeware on that one.

The top of our pantry has three very tall shelves that are pretty deep, so it's easy to lose things and then end up buying double!  The only way to avoid that situation again was to group like things and stick them in one container! 

On the top shelf I stuck all the things I didn't want the kids to get to:  Mr. VB's lunch snacks, our Friday night movie snacks, and the sprinkles for cupcakes or "decorate your waffle night." 

Once I had everything contained into it's own basket, it was surprising to see how much room there actually was in our pantry!  I could have fit several more containers in there, whereas before, it always seemed overflowing with random things that would fall out as soon as you opened the doors!

The teal and white containers are from the Dollar Tree, the wicker basket was just something extra I had in the craft room, and the sprinkles box is an awesome stackables container that I got at Joann's.


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