Saturday, December 29, 2012

Brushed Embroidery 3-D Rose

A little while ago I showed you all about brushed embroidery.  And it's still a technique that I love, because it brings so much elegance to your cake in just a quick minute!  However, I just learned an amazing twist on it where you can make your cake 3-D!

First, you'll need to start out by rolling out some gumpaste fairly thin.  Thin enough that you can almost see through it.   Use your flower cutter to cut out some petals.  You'll want to make sure you keep each petal covered and out of the air while you work on the others!  For each petal, flute your edges with your ball tool and set it aside to dry in a forming cup.  You'll want 5 or 6 petals that are a little larger than others that will dry more flat, and 7 to 10 petals that are little smaller and dry very curved.  The petals that are more flat will be the bottom of your flower and the curved petals that are a little smaller will be the centers.

You'll still need to make your royal icing, just the way you did for your brushed embroidery technique. Set it aside, but make sure you always keep your bowl covered!  I usually place some cling wrap right on top of the icing in the bowl, and then put the top on the bowl as well!

Once your petals are fully dry (it might be a few hours!) start with your first petal and trace it with royal icing in a tip #3, just like you did with the brushed embroidery cake!  You'll also want to let these dry for another hour or so til they're hard.

Once all of your petals are dry, you're going to want to start creating your flower! 
Start with your larger, flatter petals on the bottom.  Attach them to the top of your cake with dots of royal icing.  You'll do 5 or 6 petals arranged in a circle.  But make sure that you don't add such large blobs of the icing that it won't dry. 
Next, you'll want to go back and do a smaller inner circle of the smaller, curved petals, attaching each with a dot of royal icing. 
Lastly, you'll want to add 3 or so curved petals for the center, along with a dot of royal icing for the middle.  To make a stamen in the middle, I usually just use the pre-made kind that you can buy at the store, but I know on several occasions, my instructor used yellow thread that he tied in a knot and cut the ends of so that they were sticking up.

Here I've shown you a standard white rose, but you can also add some color by brushing the petals (before gluing them in formation) with some color dust!

(The extra petals on the sides of the flower that are long and thin were made using a daisy cutter)


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