Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My skin routine

I'm completely opposite of everyone else apparently!  When I was younger, all through my teen years, I had the most gorgeous "porcelain" skin!  Literally, women who I didn't know would comment in line at the grocery store about how smooth and clear my skin was and asked what I used on it!  

I always had a dumbfounded look on my face and would tell them, "um. . . .soap?  Like Dove?"  "But what about moisturizer?  What do you use?"  "um. . . . baby lotion?"  Nobody ever believed me, but I swear it was true!  One time, my mom wanted me to have more a beauty regime when I started wearing make up, so she bought me the whole Clinique line. . . but it was too strong!  

Well, tables have turned!  Right when I turned 30, my hormones went wacko and I started breaking out all over!  I was incredibly oily, but somehow my skin was dry and flaky at the same time!  I had to go on a crazy quest to try to find something that worked, but nothing would!  

Someone referred me over to the Arroyo Skin Care Institute in Redlands, CA for a facial, which I totally loved.  Mainly I loved that Henry, my Esthetician gave me a thorough eval of my skin and had a great product for me to use!  Within a few weeks, my skin cleared, became must more moist and supple, and no more flakiness or oiliness! I still visit him every 6 weeks or so for a quick facial and my skin has never looked better!

Only YourRX is only available from professional estheticians, so find one in your area if you're not local to So. Cal!  It works miracles I swear!

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  1. Are you from Redlands? I grew up in Yucaipa! Who knew I loved a blog that was right down the road from my home town!
    Huge Fan,
    Jen @ f5


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