Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What to do Wednesday - 10 Last minute Easter Ideas

It's almost that time!

The kids have been jumping out of their skin waiting for Easter to arrive!  They look longingly at their new dresses hanging in the closet and beg me each morning to wear them - but you know they'd trash them in a minute!  They have to wait til Sunday morning so Mommy can get a decent picture before letting them loose!

Time for me to solidify some food ideas for Easter lunch, and time for me to spend the next few days doing all sorts of fun crafts with the kids to show grandma when we see her Sunday!  Here's a few of the things the girls want to try!

Pinned Image
Chocolate Easter Nests

Baker's twine eggs

sensory texture spring easter egg craft
Sensory Textured Eggs

Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad
Rainbow Ribbon Salad

Pinned Image
Easter Eggs (garland)

Fabric Easter Basket

Pinned Image
Cheesecake filled eggs

Rainbow Fudge
Easter Fudge

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Easter Chic pretzels

Cutting dough balls
Spring Flower Cookies

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