Monday, June 6, 2011

Mod Dreamcatcher for Freckle!

I guess it's only fair that Freckle gets a little something for her room since Miss Boo Boo got a whole new bedspread for her room!  Keeping with the black, white and hot pink theme we're slowly working on, we thought of doing a more modern dreamcatcher! 

Southwest Dreamcatcher (5 inch)I used to do tons of these dreamcatchers when i worked at my aunts art store.  She was a painter also, and did almost exclusively Native American art.  I must admit. . . I got pretty darn quick about doing them and could do 5 or 6 six of them in a single shift, as well as wait on customers!  This picture, courtesy of is a more traditional one, which I would do, but I also did many that were a little different, like a double dreamcatcher, or made them in different shapes like a bent twig, or a horseshoe.

The only circle object I had around the house, was a quilting hoop.  I took it apart and used just one of the circles.  I found some extra fabric I had and cut it into 1/2" strips. 

 Don't try to do it much bigger than this, or it won't lay flat when you wrap it around the hoop.  I attached it to the hoop with a little spot of hot glue, and  began wrapping!  Every few inches I'd add another dab of glue. 
Once you have your whole hoop covered, make tiny marks around your hoop every few inches.  You don't want them too close together in the first row, otherwise, you won't be able to close your dreamcatcher all the way. 

Tie your string, yarn, sinew, ribbon. . . whatever you happen to have, like the pink yarn I had on hand, onto the first mark, and then loop it around at all your marks, pulling it through the loop and pull it tight.  Make sure to hold your knot tight while you do you next one or the whole thing will become loose!

When you get back to the beginning, start your next row by tying onto the middle spots of the first row.

Keep the pattern going for as much as you'd like!  Some like to keep it a little open, some like to go all the way to the center before double knotting and tying off.

Next is the fun part. . . You get to dress it up!  I had some extra tule scraps in white, and some tiny hot pink beads that I threaded through the bottom of the dreamcatcher and onto the tiny scrap strips that I cut up.

I also found a couple hot pink feathers I had on hand and wrapped it with some of the extra yard and tied in the center. 

And here's Freckle's new modern dreamcatcher for her room! 


  1. That is so cute with a modern twist to it!

  2. That's a lovely dreamcatcher! I like that it's a bit different to ones you usually see!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. I really like that. Love the pink

  4. Thanks Tanya! It's her new theme! We're slowing switching stuff over so we don't have to go crazy over budget!


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